The Spa

The Spa

Precise Cleaning

Our bath Master bathing technology precisely dilutes products for safe, efficient bathing for a stress free, relaxing experience. Special non-recirculation system assures fresh, clean water and product mixture every time! Shampoos, especially medicated ones, also gets delivered precisely how they're intended. 

Clean Temperature Controlled Environment

Our shop environment is air conditioned to ensure your dog is safe and comfortable. We also regularly clean and treat the premises for fleas and ticks, futhermore we go through great lengths to ensure our shop does not smell like a kennel. Come take a whiff! 


Our shop is secured with buzzer entry to ensure there are no unexpected door openings. Super easy pickup and drop-off parking directly in front of shop makes it easy and safe to drop off and pickup your pup.   



  • Quinn G Avatar

    5 star rating   So nice! Theyre patient with my very scared dog. She always comes out looking fabulous :] Grateful for them.

    Quinn G 12/30/2018
    Chester Harvey Avatar

    5 star rating   Solid place. A good safe caring dog haircut and grooming facility with excellent professionals.

    Chester Harvey 12/13/2018
    Jaclyn Bauer Avatar

    5 star rating   Friendly and experienced groomers made my pups look spectacular 🤩 Thank you Melissa!!

    Jaclyn Bauer 10/07/2018
    Rachael M. Avatar

    5 star rating   Just took my 10 month old puppy for grooming here and they did an awesome job, I had taken him... read more

    Rachael M. 10/04/2018
  • Kanani A. Avatar

    5 star rating   Our first time bringing our fur baby to get groomed here, and we'll definitely be coming back! Cutest little shop... read more

    Kanani A. 9/27/2018
    Christine J. Avatar

    5 star rating   This was our first time there and we weren't sure what to expect. Melissa was very friendly and made my... read more

    Christine J. 9/26/2018
    Fay H. Avatar

    5 star rating   Checked on Yelp and was trying to find a good and reasonable groomer.  This was the second one that I... read more

    Fay H. 8/16/2018
    Sue Alden Avatar

    5 star rating   Melissa is the best! She even gave Lulu a hot oil treatment on her last visit because her hair was... read more

    Sue Alden 6/18/2018
  • Morgan W. Avatar

    5 star rating   I highly recommend this place! They are so friendly, patient and willing to work with your schedule. We went in... read more

    Morgan W. 5/30/2018
    Natasha K. Avatar

    5 star rating   This place is very cute, easy to find, and you are able to schedule appointments quick and easy because you... read more

    Natasha K. 5/25/2018
    Ashley N. Avatar

    5 star rating   Amy and her staff are great! I've taken my dog to a handful of groomers in the past and no... read more

    Ashley N. 3/21/2018
    Katrina B. Avatar

    5 star rating   HIGHLY recommended. They even text for appointments! My dog has been going here for almost a year, he's so comfortable... read more

    Katrina B. 3/19/2018
  • YVE Addison Avatar

    5 star rating   I have 3dogs& I go there since they are Waikiki, they do very good job& I am very happy to... read more

    YVE Addison 2/13/2018
    Cory T. Avatar

    5 star rating   The only place I take my doxy!!! Clean and professional!

    Cory T. 2/09/2018
    Holly F. Avatar

    5 star rating   We just got home from bringing our dog, socks, there. He was so happy! I was asked for details on... read more

    Holly F. 10/07/2017
    Naomi B. Avatar

    5 star rating   My dog will always respond physically to a place - the environment and people here are Cricket-approved! She's never fearful... read more

    Naomi B. 9/29/2017
  • Avery M. Avatar

    5 star rating   Very happy with Honolulu Dog Spa and it will be our new groomer.  We have two 50lb + labradoodles that... read more

    Avery M. 9/20/2017
    Michelle T. Avatar

    5 star rating   I'm really happy with our experience here! I was able to schedule an appointment within a week time. This was... read more

    Michelle T. 7/03/2017
    Jenna Takenouchi Avatar

    5 star rating   Very responsive to questions and was great with my older dog.

    Jenna Takenouchi 5/17/2017
    Jenna T. Avatar

    5 star rating   Loved our experience here! My dog's tail got matted and I needed help for her. Honolulu Dog Spa had great... read more

    Jenna T. 5/14/2017
  • Stefanie N. Avatar

    5 star rating   Took my doggies here two weeks ago and they still smell good!!! My dogs aren't known to play well with... read more

    Stefanie N. 5/12/2017
    Kevin C. Avatar

    5 star rating   I love coming here. The owner Aimee is super nice and she always gives me great advice about my dog... read more

    Kevin C. 3/13/2017
    Crystal A. Avatar

    5 star rating   I love this place so much!!! My dogs originally have been going to Aloha Dog Grooming in kakaako for several... read more

    Crystal A. 3/04/2017
    Sue A. Avatar

    5 star rating   My bordoodle desperately needed grooming. I tried numerous groomers and either they were booked for several months out or were... read more

    Sue A. 3/04/2017
  • Laurel Anderson Avatar

    5 star rating   The staff did a great job on my shaggy, matted dog. She can't stop smiling. She feels like velvet. Perfect... read more

    Laurel Anderson 1/30/2017
    Chantell T. Avatar

    5 star rating   I was able to get a weekend appointment within a week from calling, which was awesome! Since it was my... read more

    Chantell T. 1/29/2017
    Eothus Lee Avatar

    5 star rating   Love the place, fine place for tourists incredible experience it really was. My two Yorkshire Terrior loves This pLace!! 🙂

    Eothus Lee 12/30/2016
    Amy M. Avatar

    5 star rating   This place is the best! They made my fluffy (easily matted) wheaton terrier look amazing. I love the little extra... read more

    Amy M. 12/03/2016
  • Penne I. Avatar

    5 star rating   WE loved the full treatment our doggie got. Aimee is super nice and very accommodating.  Will definitely use this salon... read more

    Penne I. 11/19/2016
    Patrick Tyrrell Avatar

    5 star rating   Always does a great job with whatever job we give them.

    Patrick Tyrrell 10/20/2016
    Jae A. Avatar

    5 star rating   Thank you for taking such wonderful care of our lil one:). He looks and smells soooo good!  The summer cut... read more

    Jae A. 10/08/2016
    Hieu Nguyen Avatar

    5 star rating   Incredible service and attention to detail!!! My pup comes out so happy and looking great!

    Hieu Nguyen 10/05/2016
  • Gary N. Avatar

    5 star rating   I'm impressed! My dog loves these girls. He hates his nails clipped but just stands there for them. The bathing... read more

    Gary N. 9/08/2016
    Gabriela S. Avatar

    5 star rating   I love their work. I have been going to for over year and now. They are reasonably price and do... read more

    Gabriela S. 8/09/2016
    Expert E. Avatar

    5 star rating   So far this is by far the best.  My Sammie is a border collie with a lot of loose hairs... read more

    Expert E. 6/29/2016
    Tory Wallace Avatar

    5 star rating   Awesome experience! First time my dog wasn't shaking when I picked her up from a groomer!

    Tory Wallace 6/06/2016
  • Mabel W. Avatar

    5 star rating   Very pleased! Just brought my dog here for a bath, nail trim and teeth cleaning. My dog was a little... read more

    Mabel W. 5/28/2016
    Dani S. Avatar

    5 star rating   I took my dog here for the first time.  She had a wash, condition, ear cleaning and trim.  My dog... read more

    Dani S. 5/28/2016
    Sean S. Avatar

    5 star rating   Aimee is very friendly and it is quite obvious she loves dogs and what she does. She did a very... read more

    Sean S. 2/19/2016
    Robert Dickinson Avatar

    5 star rating   Our Mini Schnauzer was a mess (because we were bad), lots of mats including in his beard. We took him... read more

    Robert Dickinson 11/26/2015

Spa Packages

At Honolulu Dog Spa we have a variety of bathing and grooming services to choose from. Please keep in mind that the cost of services may vary depending on the breed, length & condition of hair, styling needs, and temperament.   

Puppy Package


*For Puppies under 6 months old* Nail Trim Ear Cleaning Shampoo Bath Re-moisturizing Conditioner Blow out Brush out

More Services

Wiki Wash

Starting At


Shampoo Bath Re-moisturizing Conditioner Blow out Brush out Choice of Bow or Bandanna Spritz of Tropical scent 

More services

Zoom Groom

Starting At


Shampoo Bath Re-moisturizing Conditioner Blow out Brush out Nail Trim Earl Plucking & Cleaning Sanitary Clip Paw Trim Eye Trim Choice of Bow or Bandanna Spritz of Tropical scent

More services

Luxe Spa

Starting At


Shampoo Bath
 Re-moisturizing Conditioner
 Blow out
 Brush out 
 Nail Trim
 Earl Plucking & Cleaning
 Sanitary Clip
 Paw Trim
 Eye Trim Teeth Brushing Gland Expression Full Body Hair Cut & Style Choice of Bow or Bandanna
 Spritz of Tropical scent

More services

Contact Us

2115 Young St. Honolulu, HI 96826

(808) 626-5865 Hours: Tues-Fri  9am-4pm Sat 9am-5pm Sunday & Monday CLOSED **We close early if there are no more appointments**